Apigee X – Latest from Google Cloud’s Apigee API Management Platform

Out on the 4th of Feb, 2021, it is the latest release of Google Cloud’s Apigee API Management platform.

What is Apigee X?

The Covid-19 chapter changed consumer behavior and work environments to a great extent. As a result, the outlook of organizations towards digital transformation changed drastically. It became a necessity to quickly adapt to changing atmosphere and digital demands. They had to think beyond mere digital transformation and strive for digital excellence.

Google came up with its upgraded solution to help enterprises manage the assets on which digital transformation initiatives were built. The latest release will enable firms to globalize API programs to deliver seamless digital experiences, modernize applications, and uncomplicate legacy systems. Apigee X helps companies better manage their APIs by bringing together Google’s expertise in AI, security, and networking.

Introduction to Apigee by Google Cloud

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Expert Comments on Apigee X

Rick Schnierer, Vice President, Annuity Technology, at Nationwide Insurance was full of praises. He said, “What used to take us two to three months to develop as a monolithic service now takes days as a microservice. Apigee has also allowed us to federate development, meaning our developers are empowered to create and share APIs on their own rather than going through a centralized model.”

Shaun Cotter, Managing Director, Corporate Bank Technology at Deutsche Bank told that Deutsche Bank was looking forward to using the solution as the bank designed and implemented API solutions integrated into its ecosystem. “The effective and secure use of API-led integration is a key component of our Google Cloud partnership, and will enable the bank to better connect services internally, innovate with third parties and offer our products to a broader client base,” he added.

What Makes Google Apigee X Unique?

1. Multi-layer Security and Privacy

As per the State of the Economy 2021 report, Apigee saw an increase in abusive API traffic of over 170% in the past year. Scaling API programs has its consequences, making it more prone to fraudulent activities. Apigee X offers an integrated approach for applying capabilities like Cloud Armor web application firewall for enhanced API security and Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM) for authenticating and authorizing access to the Apigee platform. This means that Google users won’t need the help of third-party tools for their firewall and identity management-related requirements.

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2. Higher Performance and Reliability for Global Expansion

Apigee X API management platform helps organizations utilize the power of Cloud CDN to maximize the availability and performance of APIs globally. This is an important step towards global expansion and supporting distributed workforces. Now, customers have the flexibility to deploy their APIs across 24 Google Cloud regions. Furthermore, they can enhance caching at over 100 locations.

3. AI-powered Automation

As the adoption of APIs is growing globally, there is a need to autonomously identify anomalies, predict traffic for peak seasons, and ensure APIs adhere to compliance requirements. Google’s Apigee X comes to the rescue! It applies Google’s industry-leading AI and machine learning capabilities to historical API metadata to help businesses focus on priority tasks.

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