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Derive Actionable Insights From Your Interconnected Data

Apply artificial intelligence & machine learning methods coupled with digital technologies to help businesses make informed, intelligent and faster decisions.

Many business functions are forced to make decisions, without access to the necessary facts and intelligence, from their own data set to achieve alignment with business objectives. Further, in this digital age, massive amounts of data are being produced by information systems, user devices and IoT devices. Traditional methods of applying business intelligence are not adequate to process large amounts of data (structured and unstructured) and convert them into actionable insights.

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning (AI & ML) methods leverage the superior computational capabilities of machines that can process large amounts of data and find patterns and associations through sophisticated algorithms.

SIDGS can help businesses by applying AI & ML methods besides the traditional business intelligence solutions to analyze complex data with inter-connected entities & attributes, derive meaningful value and produce insights & recommendations.

AI and ML Bringing up a New Dimension to Software Testing

Five Reasons Why AI & ML Has All Chances to Shake Software Testing up

  • Accelerating Manual Testing and Overall Processes
  • Automation the Testing Process
  • Eliminating More Bugs
  • Reduced Ignored Bugs Probability
  • Forecasting Client Requirements

Our expertise helps us to select an appropriate algorithm based on the data structure, patterns and desired outcomes. Coupled with our experience in digital technologies, platforms and the business domain, we can offer comprehensive solutions and services for business and technology teams of enterprises to apply AI/ML in various lines of business.

Join the cognitive revolution. Be at the forefront of artificial intelligence with our easy to integrate cognitive apps.

Many companies in the Artificial Intelligence space continue to work in the areas of procedural automation, capturing expert knowledge in a machine-readable format, and then automating the execution of these complex but repetitive tasks. iSpace, however, is focused on how new technologies, combined with a team of Artificial Intelligence specialists, – can deliver enhanced value by enabling companies to work on complex cognitive tasks. These tasks address issues that technology systems have previously been unable to solve.

We enable artificial intelligence for small, midsize and large businesses. Our solutions help in reducing the silos in operational and administrative challenges.

Other services

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Microservices & API Dev

Decomposing monolithics into micro services and exposing micro services via APIs to various user experiences

SID Global Solutions - Digital Transformation Experts

User Experience

User Experience and User Interface design and development for high usability and best user experience.

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Tibco Connected Intelligence Cloud is your fastest, easiest path to digital transformation.

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Drupal CMS for enterprise portal applications designed for internal business as well as external partners..

SIDGS API development

Artificial Intelligence

AI/ML for enhancing digital capabilities and making digital solutions smart.

SIDGS Salesforce consulting and services


Salesforce’s CRM instantly streamlines and automates your business processes.

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Cloud And PaaS

Implementation and migration of on-prem services to cloud infrastructure and implement PaaS.

DevOps services - SID Global Solutions


DevOps Transformation to mature organization’s culture, processes and technology.

SIDGS - Apigee


APIs enable companies to grow their business more quickly as they simplify the communication.

Digital Transformation Roadmap - SID Global Solutions


Robotic process automation (RPA) is the use of software with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Mobile apps - SID Global Solutions

Mobile Apps

The future of mobile means a more intricately connected ecosystem of applications.