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How are we helping the Modernization of the Banking System?

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22 December 2022

How are we helping the Modernization of the Banking System?

Banking systems are evolving into a more sophisticated consumer-centric banking business that meets all of the consumers’ current and future demands. SID Global assists banks in evolving and adapting to a service-oriented strategy, as well as making clients pleased with digital changes enabled by technical breakthroughs. Also, a more digitally transformed system for all of their financial processes. Because legacy systems employed by banks are expensive, time and effort are required to operate and maintain them, and they are incompatible with system and hardware upgrades.

Banks have difficulty in managing legacy systems and in servicing their valued clients while employing antiquated technology for everyday operations. The regulatory requirements from federal bank’s does not allow the banks to continue with existing systems as they are not compliant to the federal banks compliance guidelines. This is where SIDGS comes into picture in the implementation of a modern banking system with robust and streamlined operations that assist the bank’s staff and consumers relying on a smooth, secure and faster system. And, this way the CX-consumer experience is achieved and the users spend very less time managing their digital transactions.

How SIDGS help Banks to modernize?

SIDGS assists banks in modernizing through a more strategic and analytical approach:

Examine the Existing System 

Our business analysts and architects evaluate your current financial and operational system, conduct a feasibility analysis, and offer appropriate technological services. Based on the outcome of the existing system’s study, we propose a cutting-edge technological service for all of your banking needs based on the results of the analysis.

Propose a Modern Banking System Powered by Technology

Our experienced Center of Excellence team assists and proposes out-of-the-box cloud-enabled application services that caters to all your corporate banking and strategic business units needs, as well as consumer apps to meet current and future demands.

Creating an API-based Multi-Cloud/Microservices Solution by:

  • Modernizing Legacy 
    • New ERPs and Commerce Platforms 
    • App Modernization of 100’s of apps
  • Hybrid Tenancy of Growing Kubernetes Clusters 
    • Single Tenant & Shared
    • Kubernetes Clusters and growing 
  • Multi-Cloud private API management  

The Solution – Modernization of the Code with Customizations

  • Centrally Manage Cluster Configuration and secure Cloud Workloads with ACM
  • Inter & Intra Cluster Service Mesh to secure access and between workloads with ASM
  • Provide a more compliant banking system in place with federal bank’s regulatory norms.
  • Single Pane of Observability via Cloud Logging
    • Clusters, Application, Service Mesh 
  • Centrally Managed K8 Clusters with Anthos
  • Apigee APIM on Azure  

The Outcome

  • Ability to effectively switch to a bi-modal IT
  • Ability to scale Kubernetes to the enterprise with governance and monitoring 
  • Control on Operational cost and TCO 
  • Multi-Cloud Capability to kick-start Data Center Migration 
  • Private and Secure Networks for PCI compliance and in compliance with the federal bank’s standard guidelines

Our Capabilities

  • Anthos Kick-start  
    • On-premises
    • Cloud (AWS, Azure and GCP)
  • Apigee Hybrid on Multi-Cloud 
  • DevSecOps with Anthos  
  • Application Modernization
    • Lift and Shift 
    • Transform with Microservices

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