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Our accelerators, products and services enable digital transformation. These offerings integrate with Google tools such as Apigee and GCP to provide digital capabilities and more.


What is SAMi?

SAMi is a platform that is designed to offer solutions to tech e-commerce websites. It helps in driving and accelerating the adoption of new market revenue streams using digital transformations. SAMi has comprehensive solutions for companies as it has wide capabilities with focused value generation.

API Platform Guru

At SIDGS we have 360º Coverage For Your IT Needs

We are the business transformation partner of choice for organizations around the world. As a global technology services and Digital Solutions and Services provider, we enable businesses to excel through the most potent combination of cutting-edge technologies and fortune 500 customer digital transformation.

SID Smart Solutions

SID Smart Solutions

SIDGS Smart Digital Solutions provide digital transformation accelerators, products and services. These products integrate with Google products like Apigee and GCP to provide digital capabilities like API Management, RESTful services, Microservices, Responsive User Experience, Digital Systems Operations Automation, Analytics and Reporting capabilities. Some of the products that are being developed under Smart Digital program are Developer Portals (Iris), Digital Infra Automation (Octopus), CICD Pipeline Automation for Digital (CICDFactory), API Fabricator, API Product Configurator, Ops Manager, Artificial Intelligence and AI/ML Integration Package (Talos).


Other Services

Microservices & API Dev

Decomposing monolithics into micro services and exposing micro services via api to various user experiences.

User Experience

User Experience and User Interface Design and development for high usability and best user experience.


Tibco Connected Intelligence Cloud is your fastest, easiest path to digital transformation.


Drupal CMS for enterprise portal applications designed for internal business as well as external partners.

Data Pipelines

Move your data from Data Lake to a Manicured solution for your needs.


Salesforce's CRM instantly streamlines and automates your business processes.

Cloud and PaaS

Implementation and migration of on- prem services to cloud infrastructure and implement Paas.


DevOps Transformation to mature organization's culture, processes and technology.


API's enable companies to grow their business more quickly as they simplify the communication.


Robotic process automation(RPA) is the use of software with artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Mobile Apps

The future of mobile means a more intricately connected ecosystem of applicatios.

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