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Articles Introducing a New Way to Enhance Digital Performance: Managed Services
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Introducing a New Way to Enhance Digital Performance: Managed Services

SID Global Solutions

22 December 2022

Introducing a New Way to Enhance Digital Performance: Managed Services

Our clients can now benefit from our evolving managed services, optimizing their digital performance. With our professional approach, we strive to provide the best solutions for our clients’ success.

Recalling the time when IT only served to maintain and run everyday tasks? Those days are no more. Nowadays, connected companies rely on tech and development experts to construct, upkeep, incorporate and sustain complex, sophisticated systems and platforms. These can range from user experience and product creation to e-commerce and data analytics – plus a lot more.

The market for MSPs has been growing significantly, with the 2019 Managed Service market reaching $282 billion, a healthy compound annual growth rate of 9%. This growth can be attributed, in part, to the strain many organizations are facing, with limited resources in terms of human and financial capabilities. As a result, these organizations are looking for MSPs with specialized knowledge in multiple technologies to augment their internal teams.

Businesses that are technically complex are increasingly turning to managed service providers (MSPs) such as SID Global Solutions. This relieves the burden of having an in-house team that is constantly up-to-date with the various technologies, integrations, upgrades, and website components that are necessary to operate the business. SID Global Solutions, as a MSP and digital consultancy, can provide the necessary deep-level expertise and unique knowledge of different technologies when it is needed. However, the value of an MSP goes beyond just technology expertise.

MSPs Unite Technical and Digital Marketing 

SID Global Solutions, a full-service digital transformation consulting business, has integrated its managed service provider (MSP) offerings with its digital marketing capabilities to create services that are designed to improve the performance of their clients’ digital presence. By taking a holistic view of an online business, SID Global Solutions builds a strong foundation for client partnerships and can directly contribute to business growth. Companies are increasingly recognizing the value of partnering with experienced digital MSPs, who can use their technical and digital marketing acumen to enhance the customer experience, increase sales, reduce risk, and improve cost-efficiency and business innovation. This, in turn, can give businesses a competitive edge. In conclusion, businesses are turning to managed service providers with digital experience to provide high-value services that will directly influence customer experience, sales, profits, risk management, cost-efficiency, business innovation, and competitive advantage.

Digital Presence and Performance 

Businesses of the future are recognizing the additional value that advanced MSPs offer. This goes beyond regular technology services, to building and providing solutions that concentrate on a business’ digital performance, presence and intelligence. Appnovation’s MSP enterprise is one such example, having grown to incorporate digital intelligence such as SEO, SEM and analytics services. This distinctive fusion of technology and marketing knowledge is exactly what many businesses now require in their managed services solutions. High-level MSPs don’t just collaborate with clients to sustain and operate their digital platforms 24/7 (including holidays). They work with customers to develop their digital platforms as business objectives and needs shift, and technology progresses.

Security Risk and Complexity

Security is increasingly essential and more hazardous than ever. Reports of corporate data breaches have been common. MSPs educated in advanced security systems can often lend important knowledge to boost your internal IT staff. It’s evident that stronger security would result in less downtime, higher sales and fewer risks to reputation. Statistics from MSP 360 show that almost half of MSPs believe managed backups and security will be a major factor in growth.

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Integration, Migration and Monitoring

Many businesses encounter difficulty in combining their multiple platforms and applications in a harmonious way. A lack of integration of technology can produce a bad impression on customers and make it hard to gain valuable data analysis. With a greater focus on selling solutions, cloud-based services, and result-centred services, MSPs can help you decide on the proper software, deal with your chosen vendor, put in place web patches so that your many technologies are running smoothly on your site, and, most significantly, be the single point of accountability. With proactive SLO escalation and 24/7 global assistance, you won’t be taken by surprise. MSPs make sure that system outages are minimal, and in the event of a system going down, they identify the root cause, solve the issue and restore the services quickly. Outsourcing this kind of meticulous network and infrastructure monitoring operation can be a cost-effective solution.

Managing Automation Systems

Workflow automation is essential to having effective and efficient business operations, from sales and marketing to operations and finance. In order to support these automated systems, many businesses lack the necessary maintenance and remediation capabilities. MSPs provide 24/7 global support to ensure digital assets and operations remain operational. If there are outages, it is the MSP’s responsibility to quickly get them back online to minimize disruption and impact to customers and other stakeholders. It is rare to find such internal capabilities due to the vast number of technologies available. Thus, businesses are turning to specialist partners to manage their technology needs, including technical support, maintenance, hosting, and platform services.

At SID Global Solutions, we specialize in supporting and maintaining a wide range of platforms, technologies and content management systems for high-value MSPs. Some of the systems we provide support for include:

  • Drupal
  • Wordpress
  • Contentful, Netlify
  • Atlassian
  • MuleSoft
  • React Native, ReactJS, VueJS, Gatsby JS
  • Mobile (iOS, Android, Cross-Platform Hybrid)
  • Cloud platforms like Google, AWS, Rackspace and Microsoft Azure
  • Acquia, Pantheon
  • And many more

Our Quest for Competitive Advantage

In the relentless pursuit of gaining an edge over the competition, companies need employees and managed services vendors to be active partners, foreseeing and dealing with any potential issues before they become a problem. Managed services providers should stay up to date with the latest technologies and platforms, utilizing their knowledge to develop the best solutions that meet a client’s business goals.

Reaching optimal performance and getting the most out of your digital assets can be achieved by partnering with a managed services provider. A managed services provider can help with user experience, sales, and more while ensuring you get the expected results from your investments. Expert managed services professionals are not just there to keep the lights on, but to monitor and manage the technologies that are core to your operations – enabling you to continue to do business. Merging your in-house expertise with outsourced capabilities can expand your technical and digital capacity. To secure your competitive edge, consider how incorporating managed services could help you reach your business goals. SID Global Solutions provides advice on how to select a managed services provider.

If you would like to know more about how our new managed services approach can help your digital strategy and customer experience, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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