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Our API First Maturity Model

SID Global Solutions

22 December 2022

Our API First Maturity Model

At SID Global, our Center of Excellence team help our customers by educating them with the awareness and demand through education, success stories both from within and in the industry to drive API first thinking. The approach we follow to make our customers understand the importance and present day demand of API first model by:

  • Educating customers and make them the brand ambassadors to promote the API First Maturity model.
  • Onboard teams &/or business units through a series of workshops and working sessions to help with pilot implementation and planning beyond pilot. 
  • Accelerate the outcomes through continuous improvement facilitated through forums, sharing successes, lessons, and Maturity model KPIsThe API first approach we follow help us achieve the API maturity model. The illustration helps you understand the demand and implementation of the API first approach advantages.

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