A Learning Management Application with API First Mindset

Program Drivers

Cloud Transformation
A Learning Management Application with API First Mindset


API First Mindset

Accelerating New Product Investments

3Q Product Roll-Outs

Cloud transformation

Approach & Strategy

API first adoption program to focus on enabling business units and regions to accelerate their digital transformation.
Focusing on continuous improvement, ideation, and new product development. Improve on-boarding while making it easy for consumer developers to find APIs that help create great products. Creating products that can be re-used leveraging best practices.

Our Solution


Create an end-to-end program of learning and application to reinforce knowledge


Individualize program based on region experience and readiness


Conduct a series of workshops of knowledge from business to development


Facilitate the development of an API MVP Product to reinforce learnings and promote continuous improvement


Engage COE and advanced Business Units to share learnings and to understand standards


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