Retail and Supply Chain

A Retail and Supply Chain Leader

Business Use Cases

  • Project progress post-construction to launch
  • PMO / Governance of the Projects at the Site and regional level
  • Equipment management and tracking installation
  • Work Order creation and management
  • Managing Punch list post-launch
  • Checklist management for new and BAU 
Challenges - A Retail and Supply Chain Leader

Key Drivers

  • Client and External facing applications
  • Over 5000 users and global use case
  • Role-based access control
  • Centralized database management and features


12 Applications:

  • Ozark: Project management
  • PMO Ozark: Governance
  • RME: Equipment Management & Installation
  • BBM: Base building equipment management
  • Construction: Collaborate and track task including vendors
  • Pre-Construction: Project tracker at the regional level
  • PASS: Audit and track rectification
  • Sign-in: Universal login management
  • Checklist: Managing the checklists by Admin
  • Doozer: Equipment deployment tracker
  • PMO Doozer: Governance for Equipment deployment tracker
  • WHS: Workplace Health & Safety


  • Proactive management of Construction and post-construction activities
  • Enabling collaboration between the client and Vendor communities
  • Single source of truth
  • Eliminated Siloed desktop excel based solutions
  • Quick and easy app creation enabling speed 
  • Productivity gain that can be quantified

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