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Platform and Application Modernization for a Banking major


SIDGS helped Financial Institution modernize their financial enterprise by designing and implementing a platform for Fintech and Open Banking Support based on using APIs with Apigee API Management. 

Financial Institutions
Radial challenge

The Challenge

Implement and adopt a new API management platform across US, EU and APAC. Move 2500 legacy services and thousands of partners to the new platform. Financial Institution was looking to modernize their global on-permise API platform with Apigee API Management solution. Secure integration, multi-tenancy, federation and self service were key. Financial Institution needed a strategy and implementation to help the platforms and API Organization to migrate from

their legacy platform without any downtime or loss of continuity across their enterprise.

The Solution

Sid Global with its team of Digital, API and GCP experts created a solution based on Google Apigee API Management, Google Cloud Platform, Data Pipelines, Big Data Migration and Enterprise DevOps to help Financial Institution team meet their modernization goals. SID

Global architected the new production cloud platform with High Availability and Observability. SID Global created and secured new API, SDLC, DevOps and Experience channels to provide higher Service Levels for the Financial Institution team, enhanced discovery and self

service for existing partners and operations teams

Cloud and Infrastructure

The Results

Financial Institution was successfully able to complete their api platform modernization and start their migration and application modernization journey to create the foundation for a Digital Transformation that would power new FinTech solutions and innovation and support new digital multi-channel experience

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