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Our App Development with Apigee Capabilities

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22 December 2022

Our App Development with Apigee Capabilities

Our App Builder capabilities help us develop unmatched and cutting-edge apps that can be developed with agility and demonstrated innovative and faster app development approach that helps customers to reduce the time to market. 

SID Global with its Center of Excellence App Development team helps leverage the advantages of Apigee and Apigee Edge to build apps using APIs and API proxies. The key advantage of Apigee App implementation is that a full-featured app on the cloud-enabled platform can be fully functional and ready to use within a few days or weeks of development and it undergoes rigorous testing manhours before it is deployed on the cloud server. Before going ahead with the SIDGS development process you need to understand a few things:

What exactly is an API?

An API is a user interface that allows one program to consume capabilities or data from another. APIs enable developers to quickly access and reuse application logic established by other developers by offering stable, simpler entry points to application logic and data. That logic and data are exposed via the network in the case of Web APIs.

Apigee allows you to create APIs and, if you already have APIs, expose them directly while providing a management and visibility layer. If you have HTTP-enabled services, such as SOA-based Web services, Apigee may expose them as APIs.

Apigee also allows you to create APIs by creating apps hosted on the API Services platform that do not require a backend service.

What exactly is an API proxy?

Apigee APIs are exposed via implementing API proxies. API proxies isolate the app-facing API from your backend services, protecting those apps from changes to the backend code. Apps continue to call the same API even as you make backend modifications to your services.

There are two sorts of endpoints in an API proxy configuration:

  • ProxyEndpoint: Specifies how client apps will use your APIs. The ProxyEndpoint is used to define the URL of your API proxy. The proxy endpoint also controls whether apps connect to the API proxy through HTTP or HTTPS. Policies are often attached to the ProxyEndpoint in order to impose security, quota checks, and other sorts of access control and rate-limiting.
  • TargetEndpoint: Specifies how the API proxy communicates with your backend services. The TargetEndpoint is configured to route requests to the appropriate backend service, including any security settings, HTTP or HTTPS protocol, and other connection details. Policies can be attached to the TargetEndpoint to guarantee that return messages are structured correctly for the app that initiated the initial request.

Basic App Development – Our basic app development strategy involves cloud development and the App sheet editor. Creation of basic data entities and models. Building custom view and user experience. It allows the development of secured apps with the user roles. 

API Security Framework The API security framework is implemented to establish a secured layer of application services and safe consumer data platform.


Advanced Features and Automation – When it comes to SIDGS advanced app development capabilities with all its custom features, by way of creation of advanced data models and rules. We help the process by automation using advanced workflows for user management and approval processes. The team helps with seamless integration and leveraging the data-driven advantages of Google cloud.

Center of Excellence Capabilities – Once the comprehensive app development is complete and the implementation is successful, our trained engineers arrange a custom training program for a larger user base for the customer organizations. As a result, SID Global stands apart from the crowd by taking an exceptional and new strategy for training clients in the marketplace.

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