SID Global + Liferay Capabilities

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1. Consulting

In this step, our consulting team will work with the client to understand their specific requirements and pain points. They will conduct a thorough analysis of the client’s current systems and processes to identify areas for improvement. Liferay Consulting services refer to professional services provided by our experts in the field of Liferay, an open-source enterprise portal and web content management system. These services can include implementation, customization, integration, migration, training, and support for Liferay projects. The goal of Liferay Consulting services is to help organizations effectively leverage the features and capabilities of Liferay to meet their specific business needs and improve their digital experience.

2. Implementation

Once the development is complete, the implementation team will work with the client to deploy the Liferay solution and ensure that it is properly configured and integrated with existing systems. Our experts will also provide training and support to ensure that the client’s staff are comfortable using the new system.

3. Development

Based on the findings from the consulting phase, our development team will create a customized Liferay solution that addresses the client’s specific needs. This may involve creating custom modules, integrating with other systems, and configuring the platform to meet the client’s requirements.

4. Data & Analytics

Liferay provides various built-in analytics and data management tools to analyze the data, track user engagement and measure the ROI of the system. The analytics team will work with the client to configure these tools and create custom reports that provide valuable insights into the client’s business.



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Enhancing Liferay with the Latest Technologies

Enhancing Liferay with the Latest Technologies Liferay, an open-source content management system, is one of the most popular web platforms available today. With its intuitive user interface and the ability to customize and extend its functionalities, it has become a go-to platform for many organizations. Liferay is constantly evolving and...


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