SIDGS becomes a BIAN Member

SIDGS joined the BIAN network of global Banks and Software/technology solution providers in the mission to build a standardized Banking solution framework aimed at reducing IT complexity, lower integration costs, and improve agility. SIDGS will now be part of a growing group of over 100 + Banks and technology partners working collaboratively on this effort.


SIDGS is a Pioneer in Digital Transformation. Your Strategic Partner.

SIDGS is a leading provider of digitalization and governance solutions for various industries, with a strong focus on the banking sector. We specialize in helping organizations streamline their operations, enhance their digital capabilities, and drive innovation through strategic partnerships.

About BIAN

BIAN (Banking Industry Architecture Network)

BIAN is an international standard organization that focuses on creating a standard framework for banking interoperability and integration. BIAN’s primary focus is on defining a common architecture and set of standards for the banking industry, with the goal of helping banks improve their IT systems’ efficiency, flexibility, and agility.

Key Benefits of the Partnership

Our Partnership

SIDGS is thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with BIAN, combining our expertise in building next gen products and solutions for Bank’s with BIAN's industry-leading standards and best practices. This collaboration aims to empower banks and financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation journeys while ensuring interoperability and agility.

Comprehensive Digital Solutions

Our partnership brings together SIDGS's robust suite of digitalization solutions with BIAN's extensive library of standardized banking services. This combination enables banks to seamlessly modernize their systems, optimize processes, and enhance customer experiences.

Interoperability and Integration

By aligning with BIAN's architecture framework, our solutions adhere to open standards, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and third-party applications. This interoperability simplifies IT landscapes, reduces integration costs, and accelerates time-to-market for new digital initiatives.

Governance and Compliance

SIDGS and BIAN jointly provide governance and compliance solutions designed to address regulatory requirements and industry guidelines. Our partnership ensures that banks can effectively manage risks, maintain data integrity, and comply with evolving regulatory frameworks.

Thought Leadership and Collaboration

As part of this partnership, SIDGS and BIAN will actively collaborate on thought leadership initiatives, research projects, and knowledge sharing forums. This collaboration promotes innovation, facilitates the exchange of industry insights, and helps shape the future of the banking industry.

Global Reach and Network

With our combined global presence, SIDGS and BIAN offer a vast network of industry experts, technology providers, and banking institutions. This network provides banks with access to cutting-edge solutions, collaborative opportunities, and a platform to engage with peers across the globe.

Unlock the Power of Digitalization with SIDGS and BIAN

By choosing SIDGS as your digitalization partner and leveraging BIAN's industry standards, your organization can stay ahead in the rapidly evolving banking landscape. Together, we will enable your digital transformation, enhance customer experiences, and drive sustainable growth

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