SID API Developer Portal

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SID API Developer Portal

SID API Developer Portal

API management has been Apigee’s expertise for over a decade. APIs facilitate companies to accelerate their business growth by simplifying communication between programs and achieving any business objective. API management enables organizations to control, analyze and mediate APIs in a secure and scalable environment. Apigee is the leader in measuring and managing the “nervous system” of digitalization.


SID API Developer Portal Capabilities

Developer Portal

A Developer Portal to attract and engage application developers, enabling them to discover, explore, purchase, test APIs and register to access use of API, also making way for collaboration.

API Auditing

API Auditing, Logging and Analytics to support both offline analysis and real-time troubleshooting.

API Monetization

API monetization to enable API providers to package, price, and publish their APIs so that partners and developers can purchase access or take part in revenue sharing.

Secure & reliable communication

Secure, Reliable and Flexible Communications – to secure and mediate the traffic between clients and backends, and between a company’s APIs and the developers, customers, partners, and employees who use the APIs.

API Lifecycle Management

API Lifecycle Management to manage the process of designing, developing, publishing, deploying, and versioning APIs

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