Smart Digital Solutions

SIDGS Smart Digital Program/Projects are initiated and being executed to create Smart Digital Platform consisting of digital transformation accelerators, products and services.

Smart Digital Solutions by SID Global Solutions, Hyderabad, India

Smart Digital Solutions

SIDGS Smart Digital Solutions provide digital transformation accelerators, products and services. These products integrate with Google products like Apigee and GCP to provide digital capabilities like API Management, RESTful services, Microservices, Responsive User Experience, Digital Systems Operations Automation, Analytics and Reporting capabilities. Some of the products that are being developed under Smart Digital program are Developer Portals (Iris), Digital Infra Automation (Octopus), CICD Pipeline Automation for Digital (CICDFactory), API Fabricator, API Product Configurator, Ops Manager, Artificial Intelligence and AI/ML Integration Package (Talos).

Iris. (DevPortal)

SIDGS Developer Portal “DevPortal” that delivers highly customizable feature rich portal for publishing API Products and various types of Software Services. DevPortal is an implementation of “API first” architecture concept. These API products published on DevPortal are consumed by developers from customer, partner and internal AppDev teams can discover and leverage these API products to build their own software applications/services/products.

DevPortal provides an integrated platform for managing the portal content efficiently, publish RESTful and SOAP service specs (e.g. Swagger, WSDL etc.) so that developers can register and utilize the published API products in a highly secured. controlled and auditable environment. DevPortal is the product that is key for revolutionizing businesses by enabling them to publish, market, sell and monetize their API products and services through web in a secured environment. This acts as a catalyst for API based global service meshes.

Smart Digital Solutions - SIDGS - USA, India

Octopus (InfraAutomation)

Octopus is the internal product name for Infra automation suite of products. Infra automation is critical for cutting down infra deployment time and to be consistent with the implementation repeatedly across multiple nodes, data centers and regions across the globe. Some of the products from this product suite provides ability to perform complex multi-month Infra deployments through a single push of button

This will tremendously cut-down errors, improves quality, cuts-down time. One of the products in this suite does complete end-to-end complex multi-planet multi-node multi-region multi-datacenter deployment and configuration through automation. Another product from this suite does seamless upgrades with minimal or zero downtime. Some of the products from this suite support automated deployments to cloud IaaS platforms like AWS, GCP and Azure. One of the products form this suite – implements HA features like Auto-Scaling, Auto-Healing, setting-up ELBs etc in AWS environment.

Smart Digital Solutions by SID Global Solutions - Exton, Hyderabad, Bengaluru
Smart Digital Solutions - CICD - SID Global Solutions


CICDFactory is the internal product name for CI/CD accelerator products. Some of the products from this product suite provide features like build, package and deploy services as containers; build & deploy code, continuous integration, continuous deployment, implementing RBAC features, provisioning roles & users, CI/CD for DevPortal, Code & Security scanners automation, Test automation, Code promotion etc. These products provide Apigee CI/CD automation out of the box for accelerated implementation of Apigee with some customizations

SID Global Solutions Services - Smart Digital Solutions

API Fabricator

API Fabricator is internal product name for automated API generation based on design best practices, regulatory requirements, internal compliance requirements, security requirements, integration requirements, logging/auditing requirements etc. This product suite is designed to accelerate API development and maintain quality, consistency & compliance across various application development teams internally creating APIs.

Smart Digital Solutions - SIDGS Services

API Product Configurator

API Product Configurator is a product that enables customers to configure various types of API products (internal, partner, external, free, monetizable APIs, PCI/PPI etc.) through a highly user-friendly front-end configurator portal delivering best user experience for API product owners. Using this product, business can configure existing products and create new API products without the need of engaging software developers for creating or editing these API products.

SIDGS offerings - Smart Digital Solutions

OPS Manager

Ops Manager product suite provides various products to provide required capabilities for smooth and seamless operations. Ops Manager integrates and orchestrates CI/CD, System Operations, API Monitoring etc through one integrated portal for effective operations.

Talos (Ai/Ml)

Talos is internal product name for Artificial Intelligence product suite. Talos provides out of the box advanced integration capabilities with Google Home and Alexa with some customizations. One of the products from Talos product suite is Smart ChatBot – this ChatBot can be integrated with any web portal providing automated intelligent ChatBot capabilities instantly to the portal users.ChatBot is capable of reading natural language and responding with appropriate answers just like a human based on Artificial intelligence alogrithms.

It is also incorporated with Machine Learning capabilities and this ChatBot continuously learns based on daily interactions/activities and evolves into a more matured bot quickly in a short timeframe, responding more accurately and naturally just like humans. Talos hosts a range of AI/ML capabilities and one other capability is to automatically reconfigure API solutions based on real-time and historic data of APIs and their performance. It can re-channel intelligently more resources to specific API products that have more demand during certain time of the day or month or year. It can run certain digital marketing strategies automatically based on the customer demands and other factors to enhance sales – resulting in enhanced revenue channels. Similarly – it provides wide variety of BI capabilities.

SIDGS Smart Digital Solutions

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