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Blogs Why Does Google Cloud Want to Attach Channel Partners to All Its Customer Engagements?
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Why Does Google Cloud Want to Attach Channel Partners to All Its Customer Engagements?

SID Global Solutions

22 December 2022

Why Does Google Cloud Want to Attach Channel Partners to All Its Customer Engagements?

Google Cloud CEO, Thomas Kurien, recently stated the firm plans to offload 100 percent of its customer engagements to partner services. The public cloud giant plans to further enhance the firm’s channel strategy by attaching channel partners to every single customer engagement since it is seeing a growth in sales by selling in collaboration with its thousands of channel partners. The goal is to take their existing systems and solutions and figure out how to migrate them to a Google workspace. Co-selling with Google Cloud and the exposure received is a win-win situation for both the parties involved.

Kurian also stressed how this would lead to “zero channel conflict” in the sales field since Google Cloud is a products and solutions company, not a services firm. After a recent restructuring, Google Cloud will attach a solutions partner to every customer engagement. This move by Google is a positive change for digital transformation providers, including SID Global Solutions. Some may ask why Google outsourced these services and what it means for the transformation industry.

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The question is, why is Google doing this?

Sudi Navile, CEO at SID Global Solutions cleared the air around this question. Why would Google transfer this need to partners, and what does it mean for customers of GCP? It is all about specialization & innovation. Channel partners currently work with some of the biggest Google Cloud customers. By attaching channel partners to the accounts, Google Cloud will bring the best of capabilities and solutions to the table, benefiting the customers, channel partners, and itself in a single swing. Google will do what it does best, while the channel partners will drive the innovation around the implementation piece.

Nothing materializes until the companies that purchased the contracts start to use them. This is where the channel partners come in with their unique domain expertise. Partner companies develop their own specializations and are often faster to the mark regarding innovation. Companies can migrate a part of their workload to Google Cloud and realize their amounts paid faster, cheaper, and more manageable.

Channel Partners stand to Benefit

Google Cloud’s revenue rose 44 percent year over year to $5.82 billion during Q1-2022. This is 8.6 percent of the total revenue of its parent firm, Alphabet. These numbers will see a further uplift when the plan to attach channel partners to all its customer engagements is realized in full capacity.

In 2020-2021, customers spending through channel partners and the Google Cloud Platform was up by over 100 percent. The same period saw the number of customers spending over $1 million per year in the Google Cloud Marketplace rise by 600%.

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