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SID Global Solutions provides a wide range of digital strategy consulting services to assist you at every stage of developing your digital strategy and to lead you through the difficulties of a digital launch.


What is the need for digitalization and Digital Strategies?

Organizations across all industries are facing disruptions. Many are adapting or transforming their operations quickly to respond. As businesses move from COVID-19 recovery to renewal, they are looking ahead and leveraging the changes made during the pandemic. According to SID Global Solution, 69% of boards are hastening digital business initiatives in response to COVID-19. Digitalization is no longer an option; it is essential to sustain and develop the business. 



Digital Strategy Components

To ensure cost-effectiveness in your digital strategy, we will analyze your business concept and provide a tailored consulting package to prepare you for a successful digital launch.

Digital Market Entry Strategies

Obtaining licenses and certifications. Size and advancement of the market. Rivalry in the market. Creating a recognizable identity. Collection of investments.

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Digital Customer Engagement Channels

An ecommerce platform that serves customers directly, as well as a B2B portal for vendors and partners. Additionally, a mobile platform and a social media channel.

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Digital Customer Journey with Experience

Creating an effective user interface and experience for digital solutions. Crafting digital customer journeys tailored to specific segments. Personalizing the customer experience. Utilizing digital marketing strategies.

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Administrative Back Office Operations

Handling of customer exchanges and user-created data: purchases, customer service enquiries, and so on. Administration of supply chain and procurement. Administration of finance. Administration of corporate data.

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Technology Stack Support

Hosting digital solutions, providing software components for the IT infrastructure, ensuring the security and integrity of the IT environment, and providing data storage are all essential aspects of the IT environment.

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Digital Strategy Service by SID Global Solutions

Successful Digital Strategy can be achieved through the five pillars

Market Entry Strategies Consulting

We provide Market attractiveness report & Personas
  • Examining the intended audience to evaluate consumer interest, past market increase, social effects, and further.
  • Analyzing the competitive environment: Examining other firms' products, pricing structures, customer acquisition methods, and customer feedback.
  • Ensuring thorough comprehension of all pertinent industry rules and regulations.
  • Developing a strong competitive advantage in the business landscape.
  • Identifying the target audience and creating personas: identifying areas of discomfort, preferences, understanding of digital technology, and their utilization of digital tools.

Digital Technology Consulting

Comparing software vendors based on criteria and providing a report on the recommended vendors.
  • Establishing your strategic business goals and creating a high-level plan for your future digital product.
  • Creating a comprehensive list of functional needs that will accomplish the defined business goals.
  • Researching the software components in the tech sector that are intended for your digital solution, and evaluating them according to the desired functional capabilities.
  • Recommending the best software that is both technologically feasible and cost-efficient.
  • Offering guidance on the best hosting solution.

Consulting For Digital Solution

  • Designing digital user experiences and optimization paths.
  • Selecting the best digital technology, examining its pre-existing features, and arranging custom elements if needed.
  • Creating a plan for a business's online presence.
  • Articulating the importance of launching digitally and preparing for an agile approach if necessary.
  • Estimating the expense and duration of implementing a digital solution.

Business Process Efficiency Consulting

Delivering complete IT ecosystem architecture
  • Creating and outlining business processes.
  • Identifying prospects for improved operational excellence and outlining how sustained enhancements to process effectiveness can be accomplished.
  • Redesigning the target company operations with innovative, technology-driven solutions.
  • Architecting a unified IT environment.
  • Offering guidance on the best hosting solution.


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Introducing a New Way to Enhance Digital Performance: Managed Services

Our clients can now benefit from our evolving managed services, optimizing their digital performance. With our professional approach, we strive to provide the best solutions for our clients’ success.Recalling the time when IT only served to maintain and run everyday tasks? Those days are no more. Nowadays, connected companies rely on tech and development experts to construct, upkeep, incorporate and sustain complex, sophisticated systems and platforms. These can range from user experience and product creation to e-commerce and data analytics – plus a lot more.


Digital Strategy Blogs

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5 Tenants of Digital Strategy

The world of digital strategy is ever-evolving, and with the emergence of new technologies and platforms, it can be difficult to keep up. But understanding the five key principles of a successful digital strategy can help you stay ahead of the game and create a successful online presence. 


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