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Digital Transformation

Digitalizing Businesses with Holistic Overview and Customizability

SID Global Solutions

22 December 2022

Digitalizing Businesses with Holistic Overview and Customizability

One of the biggest challenges in the business landscape today is the lack of a holistic view of an organization’s digital transformation journey. Experts through the ages understood that this journey requires at least four different types of pillars for businesses to succeed in their digitalization or legacy modernization projects. The four pillars enterprises need include the modernization of legacy systems, integration of new technology and applications, infrastructure-wide scaling of the deployments, and monetization of their unique capabilities. Most of the time, these four pillars are where most businesses fail to implement a strong foundation.

The ultimate goal is to provide businesses with innovation, digitalization, and transformation by effectively deciphering the proper digital value chain that embodies these four pillars of transformation success. Fortunately, have some powerful tools & platforms which make this evolution much easier than it was a decade ago. For example, work with industry-leading multi-cloud platforms enabling innovative developments like Apigee, GCP, AWS and Azure to deliver digital capabilities such as API Management, RESTful web services, microservices, and mobile apps.

This combines with an organization’s existing processes to provide an advantage in responsive user experience, digital systems operations automation, analytics, and reporting. Each organization must effectively act as a “digital ninja” with an arsenal of Smart Digital Solutions, accelerators, and services.

What a Digital Transformation Leader has to Say:

Our in-depth understanding of the transformation ecosystem, technologies, and platforms that support it, combined with our ability to put ourselves in the shoes of customers, makes us proficient in delivering successful digital transformation,” says Ajay Yeluri, co-founder and CTO of SIDGS.

The solutions offered by SIDGS in particular, enhance the transparency of the transformation journey with its extensive suite of platform modernization solutions, which allow clients to create cloud-based, on-prem, or hybrid platforms. With its expertise, the firm helps its clients curate a digital transformation journey using their existing & new ecosystems, including the platforms, applications, legacy modernization, employees, and operating system, eliminating excess drainage of Opex and Capex resources.

Recently, SIDGS leveraged its strong core competencies to assist one of the largest retailers in North America with a market capitalization of $20 billion. With only 10 per cent of their business conducted online and 90 per cent in-store, the retailer’s goal was to expand the online businesses by four times and modernize their brick-and-mortar businesses with a consistent virtual commerce model. The client also had many organizational mandates around transitioning to the cloud and needed assistance securing the entire digital enterprise by enhancing the agility and digitalization of their business processes. SIDGS assisted the customer with its API, strategy, and business platform.

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The firm also aided in implementing and integrating multiple multi-cloud and multi-vendor development solutions and enterprise deployment tools to boost business agility and application transformation by leveraging Google ANTHOS, Google Cloud, Google Big Data, Google Apigee, AWS, and Azure Clouds. With its API management, DevOps, and Managed Services solutions, SIDGS was able to fulfill the client’s board-mandated requirement to secure the digital enterprise and individual data, as well as provide visibility into the usage of each resource. SIDGS transformed the retailer’s operations so that the processes that used to take months now take days. In terms of supporting their business transformation, the client is now adopting various third-party offerings like Manhattan and Salesforce for point solutions.

My mission as a leader in tech and CTO at SIDGS is to distill the experience and the lessons learned from guiding these efforts for hundreds of clients, large & small, each with their own unique challenges,” states Yeluri.

SIDGS’s emphasis on customer feedback adds to such successes, highlighting how the firm efficiently monitors emerging technologies and solutions that complement its approach to achieving successful digital transformation. With its competency that ensures a solid foundation with the four pillars of effective digital transformation, SIDGS intends to reach a new level of depth, knowledge, and flexibility in de-risking its clients’ transition journeys.

This content has been pulled from SID Global Solution’s CTO Ajay Yeluri in an Interview with CIOReview

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