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Blogs What Can Salesforce Do To Your Enterprise?

What Can Salesforce Do To Your Enterprise?

SID Global Solutions

22 January 2022

What Can Salesforce Do To Your Enterprise?

Salesforce is one of the most preferred cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms for a long time now. Starting from brand new startups to globally renowned giant corporations, everyone wants to leverage cloud technology to better understand and improve their connection with the partners, customers, and potential customers. And Salesforce Service Cloud provides this SaaS platform to make this happen.

All across the globe, companies aim to retain customers and expand their existing customer base. They employ Salesforce to track consumer analytics in real-time, customer complaints, success and support, along with multifarious other CRM functions which are essential for business growth. Statistics suggest that companies using Salesforce experienced their customer satisfaction levels increase by an average of 34%, while an average of 27% surge was observed in sales revenues.

If you have been planning to incorporate CRM for your company, then contacting a Salesforce Consulting Partner can bring forth tons of advantages.

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Benefits of Salesforce:

Reliable and easy accessibility: The most amazing thing about Salesforce is that your team members can access it from anywhere across the world; a reliable internet connection is all that’s required. This is especially suitable in the present times when remote working is the new normal due to the pandemic; your team will always remain updated with accurate customer data. So you can ensure uninterrupted customer service and reliability round-the-clock.

Easy retrieval of customer information: Salesforce allows companies to organize, store, and retrieve accurate customer profile information. It offers a holistic approach of tracking the minutest details of each customer profile swiftly and manage your business conveniently. It also allows you to share customer information easily across all the departments of your organization, so that you can deliver flawless customer support and ensure the highest score in customer satisfaction.

Commitment to customer data security: Customer data is supremely vital for any business to flourish, so protecting it is also a supreme duty. Salesforce understands that in the cloud, you will be storing extremely sensitive information about your customers. To warrant absolute safety of data, Salesforce enforces a custom model of data security wherein you can control data access at various levels.

Better account planning: Whether it is to-do lists related to customer planning, or follow-ups, or even reminders, Salesforce allows you to share the information with all your team members so that each can make their plans independently, make daily plans, and take over in the absence of another. Apart from effective planning for better customer management, you can also find out the details like time spent for each customer account and make adjustments as necessary. In other words, you can look forward to a smoother and more organized approach to account planning with Salesforce.

Better time management: The various account planning features that Salesforce provides ultimately allow you to prioritize accounts and related tasks. And with the huge repository of customer data, you can use these features to get the work done accurately and in time. Consequently, you can save a significant amount of time and utilize it for other planning and marketing activities.

Apart from these, there are many more benefits that you derive from Salesforce. It is indeed a one-stop-shop for managing, communicating, maintaining, and expanding your customer base.

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