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Digitalizing Businesses with Holistic Overview and Customizability

One of the biggest challenges in the business landscape today is the lack of a holistic view of an organization’s digital transformation journey. Experts through the ages understood that this journey requires at least four different types of pillars for businesses to succeed in their digitalization or legacy modernization projects. The four pillars enterprises need include the modernization of legacy systems, integration of new technology and applications, infrastructure-wide scaling of the deployments, and monetization of their unique capabilities. Most of the time, these four pillars are where most businesses fail to implement a strong foundation.

Is your Business Ready for Digital Value Chain Implementation?

A value chain is seen as a concept that aids businesses in completing a series of steps needed in the creation of a product or service from conception to customer delivery. Similar to this, the Digital Value Chain is now playing a crucial role as one of the key elements of the current digital value supply trend. The digital value chain process starts with the digitalization of a retailer or manufacturer by procuring of raw materials through the delivery of it utilizing the digital ecosystem to sell it. By integrating technology innovation into operations, systems, and day-to-day activities, the digital value chain aids businesses in continuing to innovate, enabling them to raise the bar in comparison to their rivals and produce more revenues year over year.

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